Guillaume Luccisano

Guillaume Luccisano

Tech Entrepreneur, Co-Founder at Triplebyte & Socialcam, Angel Investor

August 2022 update

After 10 incredible years spent in San Francisco, I moved back to France in 2020, but in August 2022, I relocated to Singapore for a new adventure. I’m eager to dive into the Singaporean dynamic tech ecosystem.

I’m a French Software Engineer & Entrepreneur. Early at Twitch then co-founder at Socialcam which was acquired by Autodesk in 2012. Since 2015, co-founder & CTO at Triplebyte, the LinkedIn for Software Engineers, raised $50M so far. Did Y Combinator twice with both companies.

Angel Investor in 50+ startups.

I thrive in small and innovative fast-paced environments. I live and breathe the startup roller coaster.


Over the past few years, I have invested in over 50 startups in the US and in France. I enjoy giving back to the ecosystem and I’m a pro-entrepreneur investor.

Though mostly hands off, I’m happy to help however I can when needed by bringing my technical, product or entrepreneurial experience to the founders.

I’m a proud early investor in Algolia, Airbyte, Human Interest, Teamflow, Gorgias, Yubo, Sqreen, Upflow, Vertuoza, Bodyport, Bearer, Powder, Palenca, Pandascore, Datakalab, Plato, Argus, Stepful, Yumon, Ravacan, Louis, Corrily, EnterMeme, Arketa, Mindee, Biloba, Kardinal, Rosaly, Castor, Motif, Kili Technology, Cafe and a bunch more.


Gmail: guillaume.luccisano